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When I first signed up for Live Journal, I didn't think I would use it very much. I have always done the "journal" thing, although I'm a bit sporadic about it. Those journals, though, were old school -- you know, created with paper and pen. Considering how much I enjoy the feel of a pen scratching across paper, and how much I love watching words appear like magic on the blank page, I figured LJ would be nothing more than a passing fancy for me. I just didn't see myself as a "blogger" kind of person.

I was wrong. I've become hopelessy addicted to LJ, which, I suppose, makes me an official "blogger" out here in cyberspace. LJ has become a great journaling outlet for me, and I can't see that changing any time soon.

Being addicted, however, doesn't mean I have anything worthwhile to say. Pretty much, I just natter on about my interests and about whatever idea or thought happens to strike my fancy. Books I have read and enjoyed, writing projects on which I'm currently working, or just the everyday blah-blah-blah that happens in my life. Overall, I feel I'm a fairly uninteresting person, and I fear my poor LJ rather reflects that. Still, I keep rambling on, for my own personal enjoyment.

I'm happily married and a mom. I have one daughter, whom I adore. I stay at home with her now, but I used to work out in the jungle that is Corporate America. In my previous work incarnation, I was a lawyer. (eeeek! run away! run away!) Hobby-wise, I'm an anime nut, which has led me into one of the most seductively addictive hobbies I've ever had: collecting production artwork. It's an expensive hobby, and it can be frustrating as heck, but, overall, it's huge fun. I love it, and, usually, can be found cruising the Internet in search of some new treasure. My other love is writing. I write both fanfiction, mostly for Weiss Kreuz, and original fiction. My not-so-secret dream is to, one day, become a published author. Considering how many incredible writers there are out there, it's likely a pipe dream, but that's OK. Dreams are good. Even if there is little chance of them coming true, they keep us going from day to day.

I used to keep a separate writing journal, but I found it took up too much time and effort. So, I have fallen back to using my [info]tex_chan LJ for everything, including archiving new and in-progress fanfiction. Unfortunately, I have had a couple of problems in the past, which have led me to make this LJ "friends only". Every post is locked, but I'm happy to add you to the fanfiction filter, if you want to read in-progress stories. Just drop me a message. Bit of a recent (april 2009) change: In spite of the things that led me to take this journal "friends only" in the past, I've decided it's time to move on from the hurt and try having a public LJ again. So, from now forward most of this LJ will be public. Some entries will be F-locked. My in-progress fanfiction remains F-locked and viewable only to the few people who have asked to be included on that particular filter. Finished stories will be public, although I'll likely post them on shortly after putting them up in here. All original fiction remains locked.

I post most of my finished fanfiction on It may be a Pit of Voles, but it's also so well-known that I figure my fic has more of a chance of finding readers. I also keep a website where I post my fanfiction and a cel gallery.

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